Innovation in Youth Workforce Development

It takes the average American about 20 years to earn $1.7 Million. We're helping high school and college students get there faster. We believe that students need more than just school, they need a life success strategy, and here at Mandatory Millionaires, we partner with local, regional, and national agencies, school districts, and community-based programs to scale our evidence-based approach that helps youth of all backgrounds achieve accelerated success in their educational pursuits, career attainment, and life development.

Startup Wars Entrepreneurship Simulation Platform

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Startup Wars, an innovative platform that is transforming business education through immersive simulations. Students embark on a journey from idea to execution, mastering vital skills in decision-making, team-building, and financial management. With thousands already benefiting, we're proud to offer our participants access to this innovative technology. Join us and unlock your entrepreneurial potential with Startup Wars!

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New Course! Endangered Majors

New Course! Endangered Majors

In an era shaped by technological advances such as AI and ongoing shifts in the global economy, the careful selection of college majors has never been more crucial for today's students. Many traditional majors risk becoming irrelevant within the next 5-7 years, potentially eroding the value of students' educational investments. To tackle this challenge, we're excited to announce the "Endangered Majors" course, an innovative course designed to guide students toward the most sought-after majors and promising career paths of the future. By empowering students to explore future-proof majors and sustainable employment opportunities, we ensure they stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of education and industry.

Endangered Industries Survival Kit

Endangered Industries Survival Kit

As we near 2030, the stark truth is that 73 million U.S. jobs are at stake, reshaping the workforce indefinitely. Without crucial insights into future in-demand careers, students risk being left behind, facing long-term economic disadvantages. To counter this, we've launched the Endangered Industries course—an engaging career development journey. Tailored for today's students, it empowers them to gain a competitive advantage by exploring top industries, evaluating their skills, and crafting a strategic roadmap to achieve their career aspirations.

NEW!- Career Exploration Course

NEW!- Career Exploration Course

Our course is tailored to guide students through the crucial process of identifying their future career path. It begins with a comprehensive career assessment, providing insight into their strengths and interests. Subsequently, students are expertly led through the process of conducting their own career exploration, enabling them to pinpoint in-demand careers that align with their unique skills and experiences.

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A Turnkey Solution To Innovate Your Programming

Designed specifically for today's generation, our programs are developed with innovation and relevance in mind. Recognizing the limitations of traditional educational approaches, our dedicated course creators and program development team are committed to supporting community-based organizations and youth development agencies. By offering our courses as a turnkey solution, we streamline the process, enabling swift enhancements to existing programs with minimal time investment.

PARENTS-My $10k Kid Club

We're teaching parents how to help their children launch a business and make their first $10k in the "My $10K Kid Club", an interactive program where families convene to learn how to leverage entrepreneurship as a family wealth building tool. Register to join today!


About Our Mission to Help 100k Students in the Next 5 Years

Launched by the team at Millennial Ventures, our parent company, the Mandatory Millionaires Program is a comprehensive initiative designed for students of diverse backgrounds, regions, socio-economic statuses, abilities, and nationalities.

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The Mandatory Millionaires Program is powered by Millennial Ventures, a U.S. based firm launching brands in the  education and workforce innovation space.